About Us

Run Fast Academy was formed in 2017. As running is the fundamental of all sports, we aim to help everyone to become a better runner.

We lived by the key pillars of F.A.S.T; which represents FocusAlignmentStrength, and Timing.

These four elements will help you to improve your run.

So in order to run faster, longer, avoid injuries & reduce impact on your body – you need to improve on your techniques.

In Run Fast Academy, we provide technique analysis, max heart rate test, running technique classes, resistance training, and if you are a too tied up for physical classes, we are also able to assist to analyze your workout thru virtual coaching.

Sam Seow Wai Siong

I started running 6 years ago and previously, I used to have a lot of injuries after most races such as Iliotibial band syndrome, Plantar fasciitis & Shin splints.

It takes me about 3 months to recover from every single injury and the more PB I hit, the more injuries I will get.


That’s when I realized I cannot continue to be like this.

Hence, I did a lot of research and reading.

I discovered Pose Method of running and I was fascinated by the theory behind this method.

I was then very determined to learn more about it.

When I found out that they will be conducting a Pose Method training classes in Taiwan, I decided to fly over to learn about it from the founder himself, Dr Nicholas Romanov.

After going through the intensive training and constant practice on the method, I was able to run faster with lesser and even most of the time with zero injuries (depending on the intensity of the race).

I was then inspired to share this knowledge with the rest of the runners and I go certified as the official Pose Method running specialist on April 2016.

Since then, I have conducted more than 10 of running clinics and shared with more than 300 runners.

I hope to share and inspire more runners how I reached to where I am now – from a casual runner to an elite runner.

If I can do it, they can do it too!





  • Running Technique Specialist – Pose Method Level 1
  • Training in Distance Running – Pose Method Level 2
  • Garmin Running Coach
  • Distance Running Coach – VDOT O2
  • Conditioning Coach – Revolution Running
  • Certified Fitness Instructor – FIT
  • Functional Tools Coach – FIT
  • Certified Group Personal Training – T3
  • Certified Personal Trainer – FIT
  • CPR (Basic Life Support)

Personal Best

5 KM – 20 mins
10 KM – 43 mins
21 KM – 1hr 40mins
42 KM – 3hr 52mins (First full marathon in 2016)


Alvin Lai

Alvin Lai, is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder in Run Fast Academy (M) Sdn Bhd. He has a degree in Bachelor of Business (Accounting). After 7 years respectively in the realms of Finance and then Sales & Marketing, Alvin discovered his passion for venture building, and has since, dedicated his time to building businesses.

He is not only CEO and co-founder of a few companies, but also a Mentor & Advisor for Startups, a Certified Mental Toughness Coach, a Certified Assessor under the Great Britain College Consortium (GBCC), a Certified Running Coach, and an Associate Partner in a Venture Capital Management Firm.

Beyond his own work, passionate about developing successful start-ups, currently helps young entrepreneurs achieve commercial clarity in their business. He has successfully created a Bumiputra Entrepreneur Program to help generate job opportunities for entrepreneurs at the grassroots level.