If you asked me, “what’s the back to basic training?” I would say skipping rope. It may look simple and you would think that this is usually meant for kids but let us take a look at the benefits.

Benefits of skipping rope exercises

It is one of the best basic exercises to develop muscle elasticity, coordination, lighten your group contact time and it teaches you to land on ball of the foot.  This workout you can do it anytime during the warm up or cross training, with or without shoes – bare foot is recommended. Any quality of skipping rope will also helps to develop running technique and improve your running perception.

Jumping not only meant for running. It is across all sports and it is the best exercise for your feet and body – for cardiovascular training especially.  Running is required a lot of movement and stability drill on both and single leg.

  • skillful interaction with the ground
  • precision in movement
  • lightness and speed of feet movement

No matter if you are pushing off or pulling your foot from the ground, you’ll need to do that movement when your body weight is on the ball of the foot. Therefore, it is important to know, or to be more exact, to feel it, when your body weight is on the ball of the foot. The perception of this most important component of running and this is usually absent.

How do start with the skipping rope

You can start the skipoping rope during running drill before the running workout, or during strength conditioning exercises. You can start with the below recommended workout

Workout beginner

Both Leg – 30sec with 2 set

Single Leg-  15sec  with 2 set

Workout advance

Both Leg – 50 rep with 3 set

Single Leg- 30 rep with 3 set

Source from https://posemethod.com/jumping-rope-best-exercise-feet-body/#!event-list

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