Announcement: Collaboration between RFA ft Sport Psych Consulting Malaysia

[JULY 29, 2020. LATEST] Today marks an important milestone for Run Fast Academy ! We hope to bring the very best of SportPsych Consulting products & services to Malaysia. With this partnering we foreseen more jobs are created & opportunities for Malaysians…  #CreatingJobsForMalaysians #SportPsychMalaysia #SportPsychConsulting #RunFastAcademy #KidsFMS #CareerPotentialProfile #CorporateAthlete #CALMcoach #the3Rep #360ProfilingSystem #GoingRegional

2 Types of Free Energy You Can Utilize When You Run, Part 1- Data Thursday

How your body moves? Your running movement starts with Central Nervous System (CNS) using preconceived motor programs and sensory information that make adjustment, for instance skipping over a pothole. The energy that drives you forward is a result of muscle contraction. The good news is, there are other 2 types of “free” energy you can […]

Tempted to Run Faster in Training? You Should Think Twice – Data Thursday

If you are following coach’s training for your upcoming race, one of the most important advice your coach could give you is not to break the speed limit. A common misconception among leisure and even experienced runners is that faster is better. There are many reasons coach tell you to adhere to the right pace […]

Dilemma looking for a pair of running shoes? – Data Thursday

As a runner, we are always faced with the dilemma of selecting the right pair of running shoes.  Whenever I walked into the sports store, the assistant look at my flatfeet and would advise me to go for stability shoes or a good support shoe. However, is that really the case? Read on and find […]

Are you overstriding while running- Data Thursday

Are you overstriding while running? First question: Do you overstride? Most of the runners will tell me that they don’t over stride. However, if I were to show them how they run in a video play back, most of them then to over stride. As we can see in many TV ads where the runner […]

Back to basics: Skipping rope for runners – Data Thursday

If you asked me, “what’s the back to basic training?” I would say skipping rope. It may look simple and you would think that this is usually meant for kids but let us take a look at the benefits. Benefits of skipping rope exercises It is one of the best basic exercises to develop muscle […]

Increase running cadence – Will it help to run faster? – Data Thursday

Increase running cadence – Will it help to run faster? – Data Thursday Many runners believe that by increasing the cadence they will be able to run faster. I used to believe the same, however, in reality that is not the case. When I was attending the Garmin running coach certified class in July 2017, […]

Hill Training – Data Thursday

There are many advantages of doing hill training. First, it builds up the confidence for uphill race. Second, it reduces impact for the training. Additionally, this training also covers both uphill and downhill running. Benefits of hill running The best runners in the world run hills all the time, both in their daily training and […]

Intensity of T Pace (Threshold) Run for Distance Runners

Threshold or T-pace Threshold the most productive types of training for distance runners. Threshold Pace will improve your endurance. It should be comfortably hard. Some people call Tempo run. Elite runners will use the T Pace max for 60 Minutes for Half Marathon. Why Threshold Pace? The two types of threshold training that I read […]