Threshold or T-pace

Threshold the most productive types of training for distance runners.

Threshold Pace will improve your endurance.

It should be comfortably hard. Some people call Tempo run.

Elite runners will use the T Pace max for 60 Minutes for Half Marathon.

Why Threshold Pace?

The two types of threshold training that I read in Daniels’ Running Formula are tempo runs and cruise intervals (Original from Swimming training).Tempo runs—steady

T Pace allows your body to improve its ability to clear blood lactate and fairly manageable level.

Effort for T Pace at about 83 to 88 percent of  VO2 Max, or 88 to 92 percent of vVO2 Max or maximum heart rate.

Advice for T Pace not more than 10% of your total weekly mileage in single workout.

Cruise Intervals Heart Rate zone

How to train with Threshold Pace.

In T Pace you can use two method for the workout, first Tempo is to run 20-30 Minutes non-stop run with no rest, another will be (Cruise Intervals) break in between with 5:1 Work / Rest.

For example train for T5(“1) (Threshold 5min and rest 1 minutes for recovery) for Cruise Interval. This Pace is little slower than 5K race and little faster than 10K pace.

The purpose of the workout is to stress lactate-clearance capability, not to overstress that capability. I refer to threshold training as “comfortably hard” running. It shouldn’t feel “hard,” which is the pace of pure interval training. For example with Tempo run, if your T-pace is 4:00 per KM, and you choose a 5-KM course or 20min run to train, do It in track or flat road, and not in Car road. In the gym do get the certified running coach or Personal training for the advice workout

With tempo runs lasting time will be 20 to 60 minutes. To check your Pace for each zone do refer at VDOT app. Let’s begin a tempo workout now, do join RFA weekly Tuesday training for more running tips.

Garmin Heart rate Zone is 3.0 – 3.9 ( Zone 3 Green) setting refer to RFA Blog

Training workout for Tempo and Cruise Interval

Adapted from Daniels’ Running Formula, by Jack Daniels

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