FAST Sports Certification Program


Module covered:

Scientific training for running (Personalize)

  • Heart Rate training for theory and practical
  • Testing Max Heart Rate Zone ( Out door )
  • Setting Max Heart Rate VS Resting Heart Rate
  • Setting for Heart Rate Zone & Pace Zone
  • Quantified your running Data


Running Technique(Quantified Data)

  • Run Faster, Longer and injuries prevention
  • What is standard Running Technique and Natural Running
  • Why Running Injuries – Eg.; Knee
  • How to improve Technique(Outdoor)


Training program (Periodization)

  • Heart Rate Zone Assessment Test clinic (Open for public)-Outdoor
  • Concept of F.A.S.T (Focus, Alignment, Strength & Training)
  • Garmin Connect VS Garmin Sports program
  • How to manage Training Camp
  • Create program for 10KM in 1 Week


Full-time vs Part-time Coach (Business model)

  • Find the Why, How and Where
  • Concept of sustainable business in sports
  • Core Competency


Road Map (Business model)

  • Build a Minimum Viable Product
  • Lead Generation
  • Packaging
  • Cash Flow