Easy Pace for Heart Rate is in the range of 59-74% of Vo2max (Heart Rate Zone setting and based on % of HRR) setting refer to the previous Data Thursday.

Long slow distance uses the same pace for the training max for 150 minutes.

Why Easy Pace?

Easy Pace does a good job for help build resistance to injury, strengthen heart muscle, improve the blood delivery.

How to train?

Suggested minimum workout is 30 minutes duration.

We suggest the longest steady run (unless preparing for some ultra events) to be 150 minutes (2.5 hours) maximum for preparing a marathon.

Make sure you run in a conversational pace and always feel comfortable.

You can also use it for warm up, cool down and recovery runs after a speed training. 25-30% weekly mileage. Try to stay with the same weekly mileage for the 4 weeks before increasing.

Source: Daniels’ Running Formula P49

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