Maximum Heart Rate Training

Background of Maximum Heart Rate Training

Most of the time you will hear some of the runners asking, “what’s your pace?” instead of asking “what zone are you in?”. Most of the runners today train on specific speed/pace but it is also extremely important to understand the intensity of your run based on your heart beat.

Therefore, for maximum heart rate training, instead of training at a specific pace, you use a heart-rate monitor to train at a specific effort level for a set amount of time.

The main idea behind a heart rate-based training is that you train your aerobic system without overstressing your skeletal and muscular systems. Hence, it doesn’t have to be ‘no pain, no gain,’ or train as hard as you possibly can and eventually it will improve over time.

About Our Training

This course starts with the concept of scientific training. We will provide you with some basic concepts of heart rate training and understanding the key points of testing the maximum heart rate. Then the fun starter where the training will be led by professional coaches to the outdoors.

What Does It Include?

  • Warm ups
  • Jogging
  • Quizzes
  • Assist you to complete the relevant equipment and system settings
  • Guide you on the practical application of training so that you can immediately begin your scientific heart rate training

What Do You Get Out of This Training?

  • Better understanding of max heart rate
  • Learn how to set the personal training zone for reserve heart rate, max heart rate and resting heart rate
  • We will also talk about Quantified, Personalize and Periodization
  • Learn how to set 5 zone of the heart rate
  • Understand and able to analyse your own data on the watch
  • Learn more about your own training load

Improve Yourself and Run Better

Get the Maximum Heart Rate training now!