Technique Class​

Run Faster, Further, and Injury Free After Having Your Running Form Professionally Analysed!

Now more than ever, Malaysians are getting up, running the streets, and are more involved than ever with fitness. But if you are not doing it correctly, then you are only harming yourself.

Understanding your technique can help you become a more efficient runner. You can also figure out areas where you are prone to injury so that you can improve these areas with specific drills, perception and knowledge.

Run Faster, Further, and Injury Free After Having Your Running Form Professionally Analysed!

You may love running but find yourself asking the same questions repeatedly:

  • Why can’t I move faster?
  • Why can’t I go further?
  • Why do my knees (or any other body part) hurt so much?
  • Is there a way to avoid these aches and injuries?

Simply put, the fundamental of these questions is developing a good running technique. And that’s the main reason RFA Running Technique Class is designed.

What You’ll Learn in the Class

The 3 classes of running technique teach you how to do the following:

  • Mobility exercises – helping you increase your flexibility and range of motion
  • Muscle-tendon elasticity exercises
  • Footstrike explanations – learn about different striking, such as heel strike, mid-foot strike, and forefoot strike
  • Perception drills
  • Strength training
  • How to use gravity to your benefit
  • Before and after video analysis – see how much you improved by using enhanced running technique.

“Through participating in the Pose Method running clinics conducted by Coach Sam, I’m able to run faster, farther and most importantly injury-free!

Come and find out for yourself how Pose Method can benefit you and brings your running skills to the next level!”

Teng Teng

I learned pose method running 1-1/2year ago from books. And it really bringing me to different level if compared among my runner friends. From the post method class, the most important thing I learn is my weakness in running form- slightly over stride, imbalance of hanstring strength, balancing problems. Thats why I appreciated proffesional coaching for me to run longer distance with lesser affort.

Heng KT

Learn from the Best

RFA Running Technique class has been crafted and is run by a team of qualified specialists who also have been running for many years.

Sam Seow, the main coach, has undergone intensive training with the Pose Method alongside the founder, Dr. Nicholas Romanov.

Now, as a certified Pose Method specialist, Garmin running coach, certified fitness instructor and fitness enthusiast.

Every year Sam is helping hundreds of Malaysian and oversea runners achieve their personal bests again and again.

Improve Yourself and Run Better

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