Intermediate Heart Rate Certification


Looking for an online sports certification program? Whether you are interested in self-coaching, becoming an assistant coach or a fully certified coach, this course will help you to develop an  in-depth knowledge in regards to fundamentals of sports data and scientific training, training analysis, creating a personalised training program and enhance your coaching skills.


Part 1 – Scientific Training for Running

  • Heart Rate Training Theory and Practical
  • Setting Max Heart Rate & Resting Heart Rate
  • Settings for Heart Rate Zone & Pace Zone
  • Quantify your Running Data


Part 2 – Running Technique (Quantified Data)

  • Run Faster, Longer and Prevent Injuries
  • What is Standard Running Technique and Natural Running
  • Why Running Injuries Happen?
  • How to Improve Technique (Virtual)


Part 3 – Training program (Periodization)

  • Heart Rate Zone Assessment Test Clinic
  • Concept of F.A.S.T (Focus, Alignment, Strength & Training)
  • How to Manage Training Camp?
  • Create 10KM Program in 1 Week
  • Mini Project: Train 1 Person and Provide Training Log


Part 4 – Business model

Full-time vs Part-time Coach (Business model)

  • Find the Why, How and Where
  • Concept of Sustainable Business in Sports
  • Core Competency


Entry Requirements

Existing coach of any sport

Understands Bahasa Melayu and English

Coaching experience of 6 months and above

Preferably with AKK, personal training or any certification equivalent the above or higher


Training Hours

6 Hours Session: 9.30AM – 4.30 PM (Saturday)

3 Hours Split Sessions: 8:30PM – 11:30PM (Tuesday & Thursday)


Training Dates

6 Hours Session: 30th April | 7th May | 14th May (Saturday)

3 Hours Split Sessions: 26th April & 28th April | 3rd of May & 5th of May | 10th of May & 12th of May  (Tuesday and Thursday)



Zoom/Google Meet



Early Bird Price: RM 599

** Valid from 7th of April – 30th of April 2022 only**

** Limited to 10 pax only, first come first serve basis**

Normal Price: RM 699


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**Note: Upon registration, we will be contacting you in regards to the commencement date of the class.


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